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Juggling several subjects through a semester is a subject we are all familiar with and have to deal with on regular basis. Life becomes a blur of sleepless nights, deprivation from all sorts of social interaction and over computing of your brain by switching between assignments and preparation for quizzes and exams. Handling these subjects becomes more and more difficult due to lack of communication or concern shown by the respective instructors when giving deadlines for submission of assignments. Completing an assignment on a short deadline can be a very hectic job, especially if you have your plate full with other due assignments. But the internet as usual comes to the rescue for the distressed students through online assignment help companies through which a shortcut can be taken saving the student from a lot of headache and misery.

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However if you are short on cash and have the free time to cover your assignments you can download the following writing applications to help you through the process of writing.

Writing Apps:
This is one way you can go about writing your paper. There are several paid and free applications available online to help you assemble your thoughts before putting them on paper. Applications like Coggle and Storyline Creator are mind mapping tools that will help you decode and organize the scrambled thoughts revolving around your head. Similarly Write or Die and 750 words are applications that can help you develop good writing habits by giving you tasks on a daily basis and generating rewards on completing them. For generating a perfect writing environment and setting the perfect scenarios with the perfect music apps like Coffitivity and can be used. Here is a youtube video that can guide you through such applications made by the famous youtuber and writer Thomas Frank.

In order to perfect your writing skills and including some key pointers to improve the quality of your paper you can also check the below youtube video in which a college professor gives out tips and tricks on how to thrive in writing papers and college essays.