How to Find and Hire iOS App Developers in Ukraine

iOS is a hugely lucrative business platform that leverages Apple’s smart devices. Apple’s iPhones and iPads constitute up to a 31.46% market share of the mobile and tablet market. This niche of business continues to attract new customers as new ideas for apps are generated and implemented. It has changed our world for years to come.

Eastern Europe is an ideal place to search for iOS app developers. This is the place where you can hire responsible and skilled experts in the field like Ukrainian software developers This article is devoted to iOS app development outsourcing in Ukraine.

The costs of hiring an iOS App Developer in Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the most significant IT working forces in the whole of Eastern Europe, consisting of as many as 100,000 software developers. On top of that, there’s a prominent host of iOS app developers in this country. Objective-C and Swift are in the top-10 most wanted programming languages in Ukraine. iOS development is by far performed in Swift.

Many a client have a burning question of “how much”? Usually, the hourly rate is paid in this industry, but there’re cases when the monthly payment is preferred. The hourly pay in Ukraine ranges from $30 – $40.

Annually, iOS developers typically make about $116,000 in the US. The salary is significantly lower in Ukraine. Consequently, this might be an ideal place for you to hire an iOS app developer. The following diagram gives a comparison of junior iOS developers’ average monthly wages in various countries:

Based on this diagram we get the following numbers:

US – from $6,779

UK – from $5,297

Ukraine – from $1,700

Switzerland – from $6,438

Israel – from $4,259

The above stats indicate that you can significantly save your budget by choosing to hire Ukrainian iOS developers.

Where to find iOS developers in Ukraine?

It’s not always easy to find available iOS developers. They are already busy working on some kind of development project. In one word, they are in high demand and are overloaded with some urgent task. You would need to raise some cash-related interest.

Let’s suppose you have already made your choice to choose from Ukrainian development companies, and now it’s time to find actual developers. There’re several options before you.

You could ask for referrals from your (pen)friends who had hired developers before. A better scenario is to find fellows who developed apps themselves. Another option is

always at hand: surfing the net (you could check Clutch, Upwork, Fiverr and IT conferences, webinars that take place in Ukraine).

At the end of the day, you need to find a reliable and trustworthy organization that will save the day for you and deliver the product of your aspirations.