Technology advancement in the investigation business

A private investigator Adelaide or a private detective is a person who can be hired by a corporation, organization or individual to undertake investigatory services. They provide services to clients who hire them. These professionals use a number of investigative and surveillance techniques in gathering information, facts, and evidence in a certain case or situation.

What are the main responsibilities of a private investigator?

  • Private investigators do an undercover investigation
  • They perform surveillance activities
  • Document and report the r results of investigations
  • Interview people who may be linked to a certain crime or situation
  • Research databases or file

In the field of investigation, their different private investigator tool that is needed by the private investigator. Some of the tools are traditional and have been used over the years.

  • Camera – Cameras have been one of the popular tools that an investigator has been using over the years. Investigators may take photos in a certain crime scene or to document something. They may take photos from afar using a using a high definition lens.
  • Audio Recorder – this is used to record conversations and interviews. A high-grade audio recorder is a must for a private investigator.
  • GPS Tracker – a surveillance locator that is used through the GPS (Global Positioning System) to track the location of a person or a certain subject.
  • Binoculars – You need this to get close enough to your subject without being noticed. Every private investigator needs to have one.
  • Computer – a private investigator must have one. This is basically used for research purposes and in analyzing, storing and accessing a database.
  • Special Databases – Private Investigators have access to private databases. This is used to perform background checks on a person like checking on criminal records.
  • Digital Scanner – this will allow an investigator to scan pages of documents in only a few minutes.

Along with the advancement of technology, the investigation business has also found means and ways to cope up with the trend and the demands of the clients. Thus, innovation paved the way to the creation of a Private Investigator Software or detective software. These investigator apps changed the face of the investigation business.

First, let us define what a Private Investigator Software is. It is a software that encompasses applications and programs that is installed to a computer or a web server and a web-based solution that is known as SAAS. This application can be used or accessed over the internet via a computer, a smart or mobile device or a tablet.

This software can be used to:

  • This software can be used to manage several business applications namely billing and invoicing, accounting and customer contact management
  • It can manage files and databases including case documents, interview files and notes, store photos and etc.
  • It is capable to search public and private records including criminal case histories, address histories, divorce records, financial records, and other records.
  • Conduct online research, download document and prepare reports for court cases.
  • It can manage communication with clients, witnesses, other investigators, and partners.


Today with the aid of technology private investigators have easy access to tools and resources like software to mobile applications to state-of-the-art communication technology to the coolest spy gadget that helps them in their work. Some of them may be costly but no matter what it’s used can be beneficial and comes as a great help.